Attracting people towards your site has become more like a technical battle as much as creativity. If before high-quality articles are the primary basis of the sale ability of a blog or website, now it is no longer enough.

Of course, smart and relevant content are still an important part of the equation. However, there’s now a science in making your content more public. We call it search engine optimization. Digital marketing agencies at present recognize the importance of this as part promoting a website.

In fact, SEO Philippines businesses are now booming to accommodate the demand of more companies wanting to make their sites more visible to their market.

Should you decide to equip yourself with SEO skills, it’s best to know it beforehand using the following simple steps:

Take online courses.

This step is a no-brainer considering the tons of online course offered by different experts on the web. Sadly, many bloggers and even aspiring SEO specialists take these lessons for granted.  Compared to actual schooling, taking guided lessons online is more convenient and is more affordable.

Ask SEO experts.

Then, of course, you have the option to consult directly SEO professionals who have first-hand experience of the actual work. Don’t hesitate to find some in your professional circle. Who knows, some of them might be offering self-help programs for those interested.

Know your audience.

Whether you’re doing SEO for personal reasons or company work, one rule of thumb is to know who you are targeting. You belong to the digital marketing field after all, and marketing always requires you to know the people you’re dealing. The more specific you are with their profiles, the easier it gets to learn their language.

Learn the technicalities behind Google Analytics.

This one’s more technical and may require series of sessions to learn. Good news is, Google now has programs offered to different experts who want to train. It’s a significant advantage if you decide to get into one.

Be well-versed in social media.

Just because you deal more on the technical side of search optimization doesn’t mean that you can lag behind social media. Knowing which platform your target audience frequents makes it easier to pattern your strategies according to the language they speak.

Be constantly informed of SEO trends and changes.

SEO is dynamic. Be sure to keep yourself posted with the most recent developments in the field. Get a hold of authority sites and subscribe to them.

Practice it on the actual blog.

Nothing beats actual practice when it comes to learning new stuff.  If you want to test the efficiency of the theories you’ve learned, it’s best to apply it in actual work.

Observe the behavior of famous blogs and websites.

Get a better feel of what successful sites look like and how their SEO works by checking out those websites who have been enjoying a wide readership and follows from a lot of different people. The traffic they generate is because of the combination of good content and competent SEO.

Use internal links wisely.

It’s good to link some posts to authority websites, but it works better for your blog if you use links to your previous posts as a reference to the current one. This way, you’ll encourage readers to check out your other works.

Familiarize yourself with the relevant and popular keywords for your niche.

One important thing when it comes to dealing with SEO is the keywords used in every post. Ideally, they should be relevant to the matter your site focuses on and reflects the terms used most by the market when searching for similar services.

There’s no shortcut to achieving your desired amount of traffic, but if you work hard on it and couple your engaging content with high SEO, you’ll soon be rewarded with consistent viewers that subscribe and eventually buy from you.

Author Bio:

Abbeygail is a techie woman and wants to be always updated with the growing technology today. She is also freelance writer and blogger for MyOptimind. It is a company in the Philippines that develops mobile app, SEO and web design company Manila. Aside from being techie and a blogger, she also loves to travel in different places especially in her country.