Do you know there are over 3 million apps available in major app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store? This clearly indicates that the bar to stand out is remarkably high. What do you think – how your mobile app would get noticed amidst this clutter? That’s why it is vital for entrepreneurs and mobile app developers to have a powerful app marketing strategy.

Here are some innovative ways to spread the word and grab user attention with a strong app marketing plan.

Tip 1: Optimize Your App for the App Store

In our terminology, we call it App Store Optimization (ASO), and is a powerful marketing tool. Both Apple App Store and Google Play algorithmically give top rankings to certain mobile apps in search results based on certain factors like tags, screenshots, ratings, download data, app title, etc. You might consider it similar to Search Engine Optimization, but ASO is usually unique for every app. So, make sure your mobile app has a suitable title, and you fill up all the fields with relevant information when submitting the app to the app stores. Pick the categories carefully as it plays an important role in making your app highly visible for the category to which it belongs.

Tip 2: Drive User Reviews, Naturally

Positive user reviews is a great way to convince others to download your app. But make sure that you drive reviews in a natural way that won’t call for Apple or Google spam filters. How about offering your users something valuable in return of a good review? Something like extended subscription or free credits?

Tip 3: Add QR Codes

QR codes are in vogue today. It makes any task fast and simple. That’s why it can be harnessed as a powerful marketing tool for your mobile app. To advertise about your app, add QR codes to your business card, website, mailings, brochures, or storefront window. It is also a great way to broaden the marketing scope of your app.

Tip 4: Do it for Facebook and Twitter

Accept it or not, Facebook and Twitter are literally ruling the world of social networking. However, I am surprised that very few mobile app marketers talk about this. From my experience I can say, one of the best ways to acquire mobile app downloads is through smart use of Facebook and Twitter’s advertising platform. Use a mix of sponsored stories, page promoted posts or promoted tweets. Leverage oCPM for increased conversions.

Tip 5: Leverage the Potential of Mobile Specific Ad Networks

I will be honest – I have heard mixed opinions about these mobile specific ad networks and it is actually difficult to choose the right one (there are hundreds of ad networks today). But there are a good way to advertise your app and increase its visibility across a wide range of platforms. Some popular choices are Mojiva, AdMob and iAds.

Tip 6: Promote through Email Newsletters

Most people nowadays read emails on their Smartphones. So, if you have a strong network of newsletter subscriptions, it becomes easy to promote your mobile app via emails.

These tips can help market your mobile app effectively, and increase downloads in app stores.

About the Author:

Author is a website consultant and digital technology professional working with small businesses. Offering a variety of business services like Website design & development, SEO services, Mobile apps development in Ahmedabad. He is committed to helping businesses succeed in an increasingly technological environment.